Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've had a desire, over the years, to learn to exercise through running. It's never seemed to work for me, despite repeated attempts. When I ran, I was barely able to go a half mile with out losing control of my breathing. I would run a little ways, until my breathing went out of control, and then I would need to walk for a while. I repeated this pattern frequently.

I gave up trying to run about five years ago, when a friend stopped exercising with me due to a knee injury. In the subsequent years, I moved from a physically demanding job to working behind a desk. I gained some weight and generally felt pretty lousy about my health. Determined to get back in shape, I started attending Yoga classes this past November.

Yoga is a good fit for me and I attend class frequently. In the process, I have practiced some breath-work. As Spring came around this year, I decided to give running another attempt. Much to my surprise, I didn't seem to have any problems with control of my breathing during my runs. Over the Summer months, I went from running 1.5 miles, to 3 miles, and settled into a 4.5 mile routine for quite some time. Just recently, I've increased to a 6 mile run, several times a week.

From a breath perspective, I don't seem to have any distance barriers in my running. I certainly have some speed barriers; but, these barriers will be overcome gradually. From a muscular-skeletal standpoint, increased distance certainly takes its toll on my legs, but they are strengthening.

The most exciting developments, from my running, is my increased health. I've lost over 20 pounds and recorded a significant drop in my pulse and blood pressure. In fact, I was recently taken off of blood pressure medications for the first time in 15 years!

As a whole being, we must not neglect any part of our self. Yoga has taught me a great deal about balance. We come from an unseen singular place and live in a seen, dualistic world; therefore, we require balance. I'm enjoying this journey of developing my balance.